MTV on Xbox One

Long before We Made It, we were three guys working for Viacom when this project came across our desks. We were given the chance to design MTV’s viewing experience on the then new Xbox One console.

Designing a Familiar Brand

It was important for us to start with a brand look that users were familiar with, while still staying within the parameters of Xbox One. To create something similar to the website, we took simplified modular components across both web and mobile to build within the Xbox One UI system. In doing so, all platforms could coexist.

Flexibility at its finest

We needed to ensure that the MTV app would work visually in the Xbox One user interface. To accomplish this, we developed a media cropping system to adjust for multiple ratios. Images and content would look great, no matter the scenario.

Although content is king, surfacing said content in a way that conveys a brand is equally important.

Streamlining Entertainment For The Masses

MTV continues to be the pulse for great content, TV and pop culture. We have to do our best to work with the best, so we didn’t just build an entirely new UI system. We documented it every step of the way. In helping to bring events, shows and other experiences to Xbox One, we brought MTV to the gamers.