VH1 on iOS & Android

Since its launch in 1985, VH1 has been a leader in streaming music videos and reality television. It’s the “spot” for entertainment, and we all just happened to be working for Viacom when this project was assigned. Some things work out like that.

Content, then design

We knew something for sure: no two users would use the app the same way. While some might aggressively watch Basketball Wives without missing an episode, others might just watch to pass time. However, everyone would interact with some form of content...so we made that our strategy.
The app needed to be different. We wanted to create an experience a user couldn’t acquire through TV or web. We brought the VH1 movement to another level by developing a personalized, interactive app for each user by allowing them to mark their favorite shows for easy viewing.

Entertainment at your fingertips (literally)

You can’t stream content if you can’t find it. Improving search and streamlining the process was necessary to help users discover a vast collection of entertainment.

Users like options, so that’s what we gave them. We provided users with a variety of ways to watch and included an additional method to view via Chromecast technology.

Dedicated to entertainment

VH1 speaks through vibrant colors that complement the youthful style. Solomon and Ryan collaborated to create a design that was reflective of the VH1 people know today. From color usage to typography treatments, the app’s consistent branding allows users to be comfortable and familiar with the experience.